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Preparing for Blood Test

Allergy Blood Test

Allergy Blood Test

At The Allergy Clinic we offer our patients the option of allergy blood testing. 


What do we test for? 

Blood testing can include up to 165 different allergens to include:

grass pollen. tree pollen, instect venoms, weed pollen, fungal spores & yeasts, weed pollen, house dust mites, milk, eggs, legumes, grains, spices, fruits, fish & seafood, meat, pets, farm animals, latex. 

What happens during my visit? 

Our allergy nurse specialist will take a full clinical history and discuss your symptoms. This is a very important part of your test as allergies are diagnosed through a combination of clinical history/symptoms and test results. Following your consultation our nurse will then take your bloods. It is important to note your blood test results can take up to 4 weeks to come back from the laboratory. Our patient services team will then schudule a phone consultation with our nurse to discuss your results. During this call our nurse will make recommendations based on your clinical history and test results on the best form on treatment taylored to you going forward. This may include a referral to a consultant to treat your symptoms. Your test results will be sent via email to you and to your GP for your medical file.

What is the charge for allergy blood testing? 

The Fee for allergy blood testing is €360

To schudule an immediate appointment please email: or call The Allergy Clinic at the phone numbers below: 

Dublin: Ph: 01-5487098  Athlone : Ph: 01-5487098 Cork:  Ph: 021-2339495

Galway: Ph: 091-392794

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