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Preparing for Blood Test

Allergy Blood Test

Allergy Blood Test

Blood tests test for a range of allergies, including food allergies, drug allergies, seasonal allergies, and pet allergies.

Along with diagnosing current allergies, blood tests can be used as part of the testing and treatment process that doctors use to test the progress of allergies in young children.

The presence and changes of lgE antibodies in the blood help a doctor to determine the progression of allergies that starts in infancy and progresses through childhood.

Doctors tended to avoid skin tests for infants, however research suggests that using blood testing procedures to diagnose allergies early in a person's life can provide the following benefits:

  • the ability to start allergy intervention treatment earlier

  • avoidance of dangerous reactions to food allergens in infants

  • the potential to prevent the development of asthma,

  • a reduction in outbreaks of eczema.

At, The Allergy Clinic, we recommend allergy blood testing for patients that have symptoms similar to urticaria, anaphylaxis and bee stings.

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