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Allergy testing for Children under 16years

Children under 16years require a letter of referral from your GP. 

What do I ask my GP for? 

Children require a letter of referral from your GP requesting an appointment for a skin prick allergy test and must outline the reason for the test.

We will ONLY test for what your GP has specified on the referral letter.

Please ask your GP to request the aero allergen panel and/or milk and egg.


Aero Allergen:                   

•Dust mite •Grass pollen •Birch Mix •Moulds •Cat •Dog •Horse

Food panel.

•Milk •Eggs


In order for us to test nuts this must be requested from your GP.

We DO NOT test children that have had previous anaphylaxis.


Please bear in mind we are a testing facility and you will need to return to your GP to discuss the results and possible referral pathway. We will carry out a skin prick allergy test on either the child’s arm or back.

The fee for our test is €180. If you have private health insurance, depending on your plan, you should receive a contribution back after your test.

We endeavour to offer you an appointment within 2 weeks of receiving your letter of referral.


If you wish to proceed, please ask you GP to send your referral letter to The Allergy Clinic via

healthmail –






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