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Patch testing

Suitable for adults and children.

What is Patch testing?

Patch testing is a specialist allergy testing technique, prescribed by Dermatologists, carried out by The Allergy Clinic patch testing specialists.


Patch Testing determines if your skin condition is caused or aggravated by an allergy to substances which have come into contact with your skin.


This is called contact allergy.


There are approximately 40 substances which are most frequently in contact with the skin such as hair dye, cosmetics, sun-cream, natural rubber latex, preservatives, metals, perfumes, cosmetics, leather chemicals, lanolin and plants among others. Additional substances are sometimes added to this list if it is thought they may trigger your skin condition.


The Allergy Clinic offers a bespoke service, testing you for some of your own work or home products, such as personal toiletries etc. if your dermatologists deems it necessary. 


What does patch testing involve? You will need to attend The Allergy Clinic for two visits, generally Monday and Wednesday and then return to your dermatologist on Thursday or Friday of the same week for your diagnosis. 


On the first visit, Patches are applied to your back in special small disc (about 1cm in diameter) containers held in place by hypoallergenic tape.


The location of the containers is identified by marking your back with ink.  Itching of the test areas is normal, but you are strongly advised not to scratch. You should allow up to 45 minutes for this first visit.

The substances will remain taped in place until your next visit 2 days later, when the taping is removed and any reactions noted. 

Day 5,  Patients return to their Dermatologist for final reading and diagnosis.

Please Note: You cannot shower or do any sweat induced activity for the full 5 days of the test. 

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