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The Allergy Clinic, Centre of Excellence in Allergy testing.

Quality Care You Can Trust

Dandelion Fields

Allergies explained!

Have a look inside our clinic with Nurse Sandra. 

Dandelion Fields
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The Allergy Clinic Locations:
Dublin, Cork, Galway, Waterford.

Don't continue to suffer we can help you!

There’s a reason why The Allergy Clinic, is known as the #No.1 Allergy Clinic in Ireland, is because we pride ourselves on maintaining a positive relationship with our patients, consultants and doctors. We are revered as a the most progressive Allergy testing facility in Ireland where our patients always come first.

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The Allergy Clinic
Northbrook Clinic 
15a Northbrook Road,
Dublin 6
D06 CH04
Ph: 01-5487098

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The Allergy Clinic 
The Meridian Clinic 

3rd Floor, 
Tesco Clarehall Shopping Centre,
Malahide Road,
Dublin 17.
D17 NX38
Ph: 01-5487098

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The Allergy Clinic
Clonbrusk Medical Centre
N37 P8P8.
Ph: 01-5487098

The Allergy Clinic Ireland jpeg logo.jpe

The Allergy Clinic 
Waterford Medical Centre,

Kilbarry Shopping Centre,
Tramore Road,
X91 A212
Ph: 021-2339495

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The Allergy Clinic 
Galway Primary Care
Merlin Park Industrial Estate
Doughiska Road 

Ph: 091-392794

The Allergy Clinic Ireland jpeg logo.jpe

The Allergy Clinic
Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre, 

4th Practice. 
P51 N638
Ph: 021-2339495


Quality care you can trust.

The Allergy Clinic Services

We are here to help!

The Allergy Clinic Ireland has provided quality and comprehensive healthcare services to patients all over Ireland. We believe in keeping our community healthy, and we’re committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients with our services. Let us provide you with the personalized care you deserve.

Allergy Testing


Improve your health

Allergy Symptoms


Why am I feeling ill?

Types of Allergies 

Pinwheel Kids

What is the difference.

Get in touch today and discover our warm and caring environment.

Each patient will leave our clinic with their results along with a management plan and a referral to a consultant if need be. 

Metal Allergy Testing 

As one of the Ireland's most prominent resources for quality healthcare, The Allergy Clinic, have teamed up with

Mr.Paul Nicholson, Orthopedic Surgeon, to offer orthopedic patients the opportunity to be tested for possible adverse reactions to the components used in their new prosthesis.

Mr. Nicholson recommends allergy testing before surgery.

This can eliminate the need for repeat surgeries due to undetected allergies to metal. 

Contact - 

Doctor looking at total hip replacement X-ray film with blurred hospital background..jpg


Some Familar Faces
Some of our celebrity patients include Padraig Harrington, Denis Hickie, Georgina Ahern Byrne, Lottie Ryan, Stephanie Preissner, Anna Daly, Lisa Cannon, Elaine Crowley, Glenda Gilson. Cathy O'Connor, Katherine Lynch to name a few.


Our patients trust The Allergy Clinic as we provide some of the most experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals in our field of medicine.


Our mission is to provide, safe, quality care, earning us a reputation as the best Allergy testing clinic in the Ireland.

Offering - Allergy skin prick testing, Allergy blood testing, Patch Testing and Metal Allergy testing, our personalised services allow us to manage whatever health concern our patients may have.


To schedule an appointment please email: or call our clinics at the phone numbers listed above. 

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